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[best wii games of all time]10 Motion Control Games That Still Haven’t Been Ported To The Nintendo Switch



  10 Motion Control Games That Still Haven’t Been Ported To The Nintendo Switch

  By Will Bertazzo Lambert

  Published 2 days ago


  A ton of games have been ported to the Switch, but these ones have not, even though they would make great use of the system’s motion controls.


  The Nintendo Switch library has?become so diverse thanks to the system’s optional motion controls?opening the doors for new?games?built around this innovation, as well as ports of many fantastic Wii games that first popularized this method of play. But Nintendo seems to be de-emphasizing motion-reading both in the Switch’s marketing and its first-party games. It’s starting to seem as though the portable hybrid may be the company’s last effort to include motion controls.

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  If this is to be the case, there are a ton of?awesome motion-controlled games that need a Nintendo Switch port in order to give gamers everywhere?one more chance to experience their?greatness.

  Note: The games on this list won’t?be virtual-reality titles or?those that?only used an occasional?controller shake. This ranking just includes classic motion-controlled fun.


  Cutscene from Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

  Capcom?graced?the Wii’s early days with a little light gun game called Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles that sold?great but played a little differently. Umbrella’s low quality (along with that of other Resident Evil games of the time) might explain why its sequel — The Darkside Chronicles — had little commercial impact.

  It’s a shame, because this light gun classic improves on Umbrella Chronicles in every conceivable way. It’s an action-packed adventure overflowing with content that treats players to another outing with the series’ best protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy. If nothing else, it’s worth the price of admission for its forty-five minutes of breathtaking?pre-rendered cutscenes alone.

  Layle in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

  Final Fantasy?seems determined to transition its mainline games away from turn-based combat and into third-person action, so it’s?strange that Square Enix hasn’t given more love to the?spinoff that did it first.?Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers?places you?into the shoes of a young telekinetic as?you use your Wii remote to fling objects, enemies, and even innocent NPCs through the air.

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  Those who played it fell in love with its fleshed-out world populated by the kinds of quirky characters and thrilling setpieces people rightfully expect from the Final Fantasy name.?A lot of new players have fallen in love with the franchise over the last few years and they deserve a chance to bear this game on their shelves.


  Red Steel 2 Katana sword fight

  The gaming industry has few comeback stories as gripping as that of Ubisoft Paris and?their Red Steel series. The first game was a?cookie-cutter first-person shooter with bad controls and a boring gang warfare story. But the French team persevered and turned the sequel into a stylized western/chanbara mashup?where?you use motion controls to rip and tear through enemies with guns and swords alike.

  Toss in an epic story Tarantino would be proud of and controls?accurate enough to make you feel like a real gunslinger and you have a must-play for any generation.


  If the idea of?a cartoony boxing game that blends puzzle and sports elements with memorable characters appeals to you, you’ll probably be happy to know that you can play it with motion controls and really feel like you’re in the heat of the action. As one of Nintendo’s oldest franchises, Punch-Out!! has brought an immensely satisfying experience to?the company’s best systems, but that gameplay feels even better when controlling your character’s punches by throwing hands yourself.

  We know that the Switch’s joy-cons can read punches excellently too, as seen in?Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise. The Punch-Out!! series?spawned some of the best games on the NES, SNES, and the Wii. So why not port the latest version and let it do the same for the Switch?


  MadWorld Screenshot

  Via: darkzero.co.uk

  The black-and-white comic book art style?isn’t?for everyone?and neither is wanton gratuitous ultra-violence, but that’s just what makes MadWorld so great. Not only does this game allow?you to bring your enemies to incredibly gory deaths, it actually encourages you to do so by rewarding stylish kills.

  And with such beautiful murder weapons as wrist-mounted chainsaws, jaw-splitting candelabras, and baseball bats that turn foes into human home runs at your disposal, how could you resist? MadWorld was a breath of fresh air from the homogenized family-friendly feel that dominated the Wii at the time of its release. Since the Switch seems?headed in a similar direction, it could no doubt benefit from this raunchy bloodbath in the same way.

  A player about to shoot another player with the golden gun in GoldenEye 007 on Wii

  Most people would probably prefer a re-release of the N64 original, but the Wii and Playstation Move both received an adaptation of the James Bond movie of the same name that went in a slightly different direction.?While the?new?GoldenEye 007 was still a first-person shooter that followed the movie’s plot, it?added?revamped maps, new gameplay modes, a greater weapon variety, stealth?mechanics, and motion controls.

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  Whether you wanted to sneak around and strike from the shadows like a real spy or run and gun like Bond is known to do nowadays, you?could do so with precise aiming controls?and tons of content for hundreds of hours’ worth of satisfying multiplayer.


  Official artwork for Little King Story

  Little King Story is such an original game that it’s almost?impossible to describe. It?may seem like a run-of-the-mill god-simulator, but it puts its own spin on it by adding some?real-time strategy?gameplay that will make Pikmin fans feel right at home. Then, it tosses a few action RPG elements in for good measure.

  That may sound like a lot going on at once, but Little King Story makes it work with a whimsical presentation and intuitive controls. The game’s expert use of the Wii remote was so integral to its experience that critics who once lauded the game left it a?tepid reception once it was ported to systems without motion controls. All the evidence points to Little King Story?having a promising home on the Nintendo Switch.

  Picture of Metroid Prime protagonist Samus Aran

  Three games are better than one, but any one of the three Metroid Prime games is better than three average games combined, and Metroid Prime: Trilogy combines all three of those games in one. Now that nobody’s confused, it’s worth noting that the first two games in this package were originally released on the Gamecube with only standard controls, but this Wii collection blessed them all with its motion magic.

  These first-person adventures control like a dream?thanks to the Wii remote’s greater range of motion compared to the Gamecube’s analog sticks. This made combat, observation, and exploration much easier. The only downside is that?the collection makes the Gamecube originals much harder to go back to, but with two new Metroid games in the works, it’s the perfect time to bring these motion-controlled masterpieces to the Switch.


  Wario shaking a bag of treasure in Wario Land Shake It

  Wario Land: Shake It knew?that motion control was at its best when players could just flail their controllers around. The game used?that to its advantage by enhancing every part of its gameplay?with shaketastic action. Fundamentally, it’s a quality 2D platformer in the Wario Land tradition but?built around rewarding the player’s shaking skill at every opportunity.

  Find a bag of treasure? Shake it harder to get more boons. Need to get past a pole-swinging platforming challenge? Shake to build momentum. Are you?freeing?someone from?a cage? Shake that thing open. Operating?some mechanism? Keep shaking until it works. Bossifght? Grab the nearest thing and shake it.?It taps into a primal need of ours?the industry hasn’t sated in a long time. If new games?won’t let?people shake things, Wario Land: Shake It deserves to give the Switch a hey ya!

  Kachi fighting the Commander in Sin and Punishment Star Successor

  As unfair as it was that the Wii?was left without a Star Fox game, it got the next best thing with this hidden gem. It’s an on-rails sci-fi shooter with motion aiming, campy cutscenes, and boss fights that only got?more ridiculous the further levels went on. It had everything that made Star Fox great and so much more.

  There is?almost never a dull moment during this game’s borderline bullet hell action, but as chaotic as it seems, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor’s levels are intuitively designed to teach players how to?improve simply?through regular gameplay. That doesn’t mean it’s?easy, of course, but the game’s challenge is as fair as it is difficult. And, with frequent checkpoints and unlimited lives, mere death is not enough to stand between you and?Sin and Punishment: Star Successor’s?adrenaline-fueled combat.

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