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[Animal Crossing]Animal Crossing’s Quillson Kicked In The Head By Player

  A Reddit user has shared a hilarious video of their Animal Crossing New Horizons character kicking smug duck villager Quillson in the head.

  By Lara Jackson

  Published 1 day ago


  Animal Crossing Quillson Head Kicked

  An?Animal Crossing New Horizons?player has revealed how gamers can kick villagers in the head, using an item that almost everyone has on their island. New Horizons is the most recent game in the Animal Crossing series and sees players transform a humble island into a thriving village using items and custom ACNH content. Players are able to invite villagers of their choosing to live on their island, and while many choose to live with characters they love, others enjoy keeping and tormenting less popular animal friends.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons is?arguably only limited by players’ imaginations. Gamers can customize and create?their own outfits, pathways, and art, while also designing the town or village of their dreams using the game’s item catalog. Despite there being a lot of creative potential, updates for the game have not provided new gameplay. ACNH has received multiple updates from Nintendo since its launch in 2020, however, many players feel the game needs a full expansion as opposed to short seasonal events and?exclusive?items. Existing gameplay may be stale for some players, but others are still using the?title for incredible creations, including one Animal Crossing player who?built a seafood restaurant.


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  While the game does not contain violence, players can be rude to their villagers by hitting them with?tools, including the net.?This was previously thought to be the only way characters could “fight,” but one Redditor has discovered otherwise. Posting on the r/AnimalCrossing subreddit, ACNH player?WHOLLY_GUACAMOLE?shared a video of their player character?kicking the duck villager Quillson in the head. The short clip has received over nine thousand upvotes on Reddit, as Quillson is a villager disliked by many. Being of the “smug” type, Quillson has a bit of a superiority complex, and has arguably deserved a kick since ACNH’s launch. As demonstrated by the player,?jumping out of bed with a villager nearby forces playable characters to “kick” them in the head and push them away,?or at least that appears to be the case thanks to the animation.


  The newly-discovered way to “assault” villagers is sure to please gamers who have characters they don’t like on their islands. It can be time-consuming for players to find their ideal villagers thanks to Animal Crossing New Horizon’s randomization. When hunting for a “dreamy” character, players will have to use Nook Miles to travel from island to island to search for their favorites, or test their luck at the campsite to see who’s visiting. Nintendo does offer some alternative ways to score new villagers, including amiibo cards, which summon the pictured character to your island. Earlier this year, Nintendo and Sanrio collaborated to bring Hello Kitty and friends to Animal Crossing via amiibo cards. The cards added new items and clothing to players’ collections, and featured favorite character designs including Little Twin Stars and Pompompurin.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of Nintendo Switch’s most popular titles, having sold more than 31.8 million units worldwide as of December 2020. Despite being over a year old and suffering from a lack of meaningful updates, gamers are still finding new and exciting ways to use?what’s available in the game, with kicking villagers being another fun trick to add to the list.?Animal Crossing was missing from E3 2021’s Nintendo Direct presentation, but Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has promised new content is coming to ACNH, though it’s not clear when.

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  Animal Crossing New Horizons is out now on Nintendo Switch.


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