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[One Piece Treasure Cruise]One Piece Treasure Cruise is celebrating its 5th anniversary

  The gates of the Land of Wano are finally open! BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has announced that globally-popular anime mobile game ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a special in-game campaign based on the ONE PIECE anime’s ongoing the Land of Wano arc. The campaign, which begins today and runs through March 17th, features the Land of Wano-themed characters, missions, quests, rewards and more.

  The in-game anniversary campaign includes the following:

  The Land of Wano-themed Recruitment Banners

  Kaido?of the Four Emperors?and his?Animal Kingdom Pirates?take center stage for the 5th Anniversary Campaign, with a brand new?Dragon-form Kaido?entering the fray as a powerful Sugo-Fest Exclusive.

  New Treasure Map, Co-op, and Beginner-friendly Missions

  Recruit new versions of fan-favorite characters?Zorojuro?(Roronoa Zoro)?and?Trafalgar Law?by completing their respective quests. Users will also be able to be part of a co-op mission by challenging these two stages and the Kizuna Clash.

  Players can test their mettle against Animal Kingdom Pirates Headliner?Basil Hawkins?in the upcoming Treasure Map event starting from March 4th; brave these treacherous waters for the opportunity to add a brand new Hawkins to your crew!

  Clear the event quest to score high in the ranking that is exclusive to the English and French Version of?ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE! Join forces with fellow pirates around the globe and earn a variety of rewards.

  Login Bonuses and Reward Quests

  In addition to receiving Rainbow Gems and Zorojuro as part of the daily login bonuses, players will also have the opportunity to earn a new version of the?Merry Go, as well as a chance to obtain up to 500x Rainbow Gems by completing in-game reward quests. The quest for the Merry Go will open on March 2nd.

  ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE?is available now as a free download on?Apple App Store and Google Play.

  For more information on the game and celebration, please visit the official?ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE?Facebook page?or anniversary website at:?https://optc-ww.channel.or.jp/5th_2020/en

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