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Clash Quest

The tournament is about to begin where Popp and the rest of the Hero party met with Maam. Maam realizes that Dai and the Hero party are here to retrieve the Sword of Champions. Dai asks Maam what she will do when she wins, and Maam replies she won¨t accept the Sword of Champions. Maam comments that she can¨t help Dai kill his father, Baran. Dai realizes that as a Dragon Knight, he can only wield the Sword of Champions to defeat the enemies. Inside the ring, the battle between Gomez and Chiu begins.

Maam said that Baran might be their enemy, but he is Dai¨s long-lost father. Maam also said f the Sword of Champions can defeat Baran, they don¨t have to take the Sword. Popp reminds Maam about the power of Dragon Knight and that the Dragon Knight can destroy the world. Popp also states that Baran will use that power to wipe out humans. But Dai will use the Dragon Knight to save the world and humans. He said that Dai would win the match and get the Sword of Champions to face Baran.

Dai told the two that he doesn¨t want to defeat Baran, but he wants to show him what he learned from Master Avan. Dai comments that he will show Baran the actual powers and get the Sword of Champions to match Baran¨s Demon Dragon Blade. He told Maam that she is welcome to punch him if he uses the Sword of Champions for the wrong reasons. Maam gets excited, realizing that Dai will not kill his father and it will be a clash between a father and son. Maam comments that she will win the Sword of Champions.

The trio heads to the arena to cheer for Chiu, but they are surprised to see Chiu falling from the sky. Before the trio arrives, Gomez landed a blow that sent Chiu flying. Chiu survived the blast and commented that it landed perfectly. Chiu reveals that Grand Master and Maam are the only ones that he struggled fighting with them.

Maam realizes Chiu has only sparred with her and the Grand Master. Gomez laughs at Chiu, who comments that he will show Gomez his killer attack. Maam shouts Chiu¨s boulder-busting killer attack is coming. Popp wonders what kind of attack is Maam saying. Chiu winds his fist and attacks Gomez with Rattus Fastus Fist. Gomez counters the Rattus Fastus Fist with a jab and knocks out Chiu.

Dragon Quest The Adventure of DaiDragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

The ring announcer shouts that Gomez won the fight in two minutes five seconds by KO. Popp is disappointed that Chiu failed to deliver what he expected. Dai comments that Chiu is not strong. Maam defends Chiu that he tried his best. The doctors sent Chiu to the healing room, and the trio helps him to recover. Chiu asks the trio why his killer move got defeated. Maam comments she has found Chiu¨s weakness. But he got up from the bed and commented that he doesn¨t have any fault.

Maam comments that Chiu is a fat rat and his limbs are short, making him fail to land a massive blow. Popp adds that Chiu lacks reach, which is a critical weakness for a Martial Artist. Dai comments that Chiu¨s attacks can¨t reach his enemy. Chiu feels like the trio is roasting him. Finally, Chiu jumps on Maam¨s chest out of shame, acting like a baby but smelling the melons. Later, Dai and the rest return to the arena, Baloria KO¨d his opponent. Chiu comments that he feels like he has received a Martial Artist¨s death sentence.

Dai consoles Chiu by telling him that he can fight using headbutts and ramming attacks. Chiu asks Dai if he thinks a hero who fights with headbutts and ramming attacks is cool. Dai replies that no hero pulls those attacks. Chiu shouts that he wants to be cool, and he wants to show Maam that he is fantastic. Popp felt like Chiu is annoying him since he mentioned the name of a person he likes. Suddenly the Dark Army arrives and ruins the tournament. Dai battle with the Dark Army and witness the powers of Superior Beings.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 35 release date is 12 June 2021, at 9:30 AM JS. You can watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai online on Crunchyroll.

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