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[lol new champion]Ruination set to hit Wild Rift’s Pool Party with the Sentinels of Light event

  Riot Games revealed the arrival of their first major multi-game crossover event across Wild Rift and alike titled “Sentinels of Light,” which officially begins on July 8.

  The event promises to include a whole lot of new experiences for Riot fans across all their franchises: League of Legends, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Valorant.

  Ruin’s reign will be eternal. Sentinels of Light coming July 8. pic.twitter.com/PL9cRl32bb

  — League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegends) June 26, 2021

  Fans will be more excited as, for the first time in the history of the organization, a major event will be featured across all five of its celebrated games, with the surprise inclusion of their First-Person-Shooter, Valorant.

  Despite the lore of Valorant and League of Legends barely having any connection, a themed crossover can be expected to get featured for a temporary period.

  Leaks and rumors about Wild Rift’s version of the Sentinels of Light event have been making rounds over the internet for the past few days. Finally, with a teaser poster earlier today, Riot confirmed the arrival of ruination in League of Legends’ handheld MOBA.

  Aww, looks like there’s a storm coming. Time to throw in the towel! pic.twitter.com/sfxAqEGXJS

  — League of Legends: Wild Rift (@wildrift) June 26, 2021

  THE MIST pic.twitter.com/uv6S70Bucg

  — (@QuxsiStellxr) June 26, 2021

  The poster features Wild Rift champions Fiora, Lee Sin, Renekton, Leona, Lulu, and Orianna enjoying their summer Pool Party. If observed closely, the Ruined Black Mist can be spotted in the background, arriving from in-between the distant hills. The tweet description read,

  Aww, looks like there’s a storm coming. Time to throw in the towel!

  Image via Riot Games <img class="lazy-img" width="800" height="420" data-img="http://www.masveca.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210710101005-60e971fd647e7.jpg" alt="Image via Riot Games" data-img-low="http://www.masveca.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210710101005-60e971fd647e7.jpg" src="https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/data:image/svg+xml,“>Image via Riot Games

  Riot unveiled the arrival of the Sentinels of Light event on their main League of Legends website in the form of an interesting Treasure Hunt Puzzle. Completion of the puzzle revealed a highly detailed splash-art featuring Viego and his ruined army on the left.

  The Sentinels army also had their place on the poster, featured in its right half.

  The Sentinels of Light event <img class="lazy-img" width="800" height="450" data-img="http://www.masveca.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210710101005-60e971fd82b8d.jpg" alt="The Sentinels of Light event" s teaser poster in league of legends via wild rift data-img-low="http://www.masveca.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210710101005-60e971fd82b8d.jpg" src="https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/data:image/svg+xml,“>The Sentinels of Light event’s teaser poster in League of Legends (Image via Wild Rift)

  The Light Sentinels army of splash-art includes popular League of Legends champions like Senna and Lucian, who are set to step on the Wild Rift soon. It also featured a few familiar faces like Gwen, Vayne, and Garen along with a completely new character, who is rumored to be League of Legends’ new champion Akshan.


  — SkinSpotlights (@SkinSpotlights) May 26, 2021

  Wild Rift leaks also showed upcoming emotes of Senna, Lucian, Vayne, Irelia, and Riven in the game, wearing the new “ Sentinel of Lights” skinline. This strongly hints at Wild Rift’s possible upcoming champions and skins that are set to enter the game along with patch 2.3.

  #NewProfilePic pic.twitter.com/OTbXlhokVI

  — League of Legends: Wild Rift (@wildrift) June 26, 2021

  Moreover, the latest Profile Picture of Wild Rift’s Twitter handle also features a ruined soul of an undying spirit, that confirms the beginning of ruination in the game.

  Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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