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[honkai impact 3]Genshin Impact x Honkai Impact collab: Everything you need to know

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  MiHoYo fans have been at glee because of the recently-announced Honkai Impact 3rd?x?Genshin Impact?crossover collaboration event. There have not been a lot of official announcements yet about the event. All we know is that the crossover event will be taking place in version 4.9. However, we can’t just leave you with a morsel of information now, can we? Hence, we’ll be sharing all of the little tidbits we know so far about this crossover event. But do be warned that until miHoYo makes official pronouncements, leaks, rumors, and data mined information should be taken with a grain of salt. We’ll be updating this article as more news about the collab event comes in. But for now, here is everything you need to know about the?Honkai Impact 3rd?x?Genshin Impact?collab event.

  Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact Crossover Event Announced

  This crossover event is scheduled to take place in v4.9. Stayed tuned, Captains and Travelers! #HonkaiImpact3rd #GenshinImpact#miHoYo pic.twitter.com/UheouILL6N

  — Honkai Impact 3rd (@HonkaiImpact3rd) May 20, 2021

  The collaboration event will be held entirely in?Honkai Impact 3rd. Hence, those who play?Genshin Impact?shouldn’t expect anything yet for their game. Instead, the collaboration event will take place in?Honkai Impact 3rd?when version 4.9 rolls in.?Honkai Impact 3rd?version 4.9’s expected release date is on?June 10, 2021. Hence, we can expect that the collaboration will also happen during this time.

  The collaboration event will see?Genshin Impact?characters appearing in?Honkai Impact 3rd. The mobile action game features similar gameplay as Genshin Impact. However, there are some nuanced differences.?Genshin Impact?fans should feel curious how their favorite characters will play in?Honkai Impact 3rd. It’ll be an interesting sight to see. Speaking of crossover characters…

  Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact Crossover announced for June 10

  It’s got playable Fischl, Keqing, and a Klee costume for Teri

  No release information for Global players yet#原神 #原神アプデ情報 #Genshin_Impact #genshin #genshinimpact #HONKAIIMPACT3 pic.twitter.com/KA7ZKvMNvi

  — Genshin Report (@GenshinReport) May 20, 2021

  Three characters from?Genshin Impact?will make their way to?Honkai Impact 3rd, according to Genshin Impact leaker Genshin Report. These are Fischl, Keqing, and Klee. Except Klee won’t actually be there, but her costume will be available as a costume for?Honkai‘s Teri.

  Both Fischl and Keqing will be playable characters. There have been some leaks showing how the two characters will look and play in the other game. However, official sources have not yet released anything about this matter. We should wait for a couple more days and hear from miHoYo for official videos and trailers.

  According to?Genshin Report, miHoYo currently has no plans to bring?Honkai?characters to Genshin Impact. While the account notes that this can change in the future, the account assures that we definitely won’t see it this year. This looks like an attempt by miHoYo to bring more players to?Honkai Impact 3rd. Using the more popular game with the vaster reach to infuse new players to their other game is a smart move.

  Meanwhile, the two revealed characters going to?Honkai Impact?aren’t the most popular characters in the game. It’s a shame that miHoYo didn’t use the newly-released Eula for this event instead. For sure, those who didn’t get Eula in her banner will try out?Honkai Impact?just to get to play her, even if that means playing her in a different game. Still, we can expect that this event will successfully get players to try out?Honkai Impact. With the many similarities between the two games, those who like?Genshin?will most likely like?Honkai?as well. However, keeping those players playing both games is another matter entirely.

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