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[Monster Hunter: World]Monster Hunter Rise Guide: Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp Location and Quest

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  Sub-camp is a new feature in the series introduced in Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise. As its name suggests Sub-camps are additional camps in hunting areas that let you restock items and even grab meals in the middle of a hunt. You can also fast-travel to any of the Sub-camps to make chasing monsters or finding specific items faster. Shrine Ruins, the starting hunting area and one of the new maps in Monster Hunter Rise, also features such a camp.

  But before you can utilize these convenient camps, you must first find their locations and do some chores to unlock them. In total, including the Main Camp (which is unlocked instantly together with the hunting map), there is only one camp in Shrine Ruins. Let’s see where it’s hiding as well as how to unlock them.

  Monster Hunter Rise Shrine Ruins Sub-camp location

  There is only one sub-camp in Shrine Ruins, located far north of the Main Camp, in Area 10. You would need to climb the cliff using your Wirebug. Right in front of the camp you can find a patch of Shimmering Red Berry if you need to gather Firelantern, Wisplantern, or the High Rank quests exclusive Phantolantern. To unlock it, once you spot the camp location, you need to go back to Kamura Village and talk to Kagero the Merchant then do the Sandy Plains Sub-camp Security request:

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  That’s all you need to do. Quite simple and easy, right? Stay tuned at The Nerd Stash for more guides on Monster Hunter Rise or your other favorite titles. Don’t forget to drop by in the comments below.

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