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[Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War]Black Ops Cold War June 24 update patch notes: League Play rewards, playlist update, more

  There are so many different quality guns for Call of Duty players to master in Black Ops Cold War. So we’ve decided to pick out the 10 best guns in Season 4, assign them a tier, and then rank the absolute best.

  Black Ops Cold War has a pretty extensive catalog of guns for players to test out and see what works best for them. Since the game’s inception, we’ve been treated to the Streetsweeper, Groza, and MAC-10 in Season 1. The FARA 83, ZRG 20mm, and AMP63 in Seasons 2 and 3, and now the MG 82 LMG and C58 Assault Rifle in Season 4.

  As well as worrying about the best FPS settings to use and best aim assist settings to use, there’s also the doubt that the gun you’re using is even right for you and your playstyle.

  With all these additions there is now almost an overflow of Assault Rifles, SMGs, Tactical Rifles, Shotguns, LMGs, and Pistols to pick from. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sift through the expansive array of guns and rank the top 10 weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 4.

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  cod black ops cold war wraith firing a guncod black ops cold war wraith firing a gun

  Before we delve into a deep look at the best guns that Treyarch has to offer, we’re first going to do a rundown of every weapon in the game and categorize them. Let’s be fair, some of Cold War’s weapons are must-have and must-use, whereas some are simply not worth your time.

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  Just to explain the system:

  S-Tier weapons are the top-of-the-line powerhousesA-Tier are amazingB-Tier weapons are just missing somethingC-Tier guns are not worth your time

  Here is our official tier list of all of Black Ops Cold War’s weapons:

  S-Tier: AK-47, AK-74u, Streetsweeper, Diamatti, MG 82, LC10, Krig 6, KSP 45, PPSH-41, Swiss K31A-Tier: XM4, MP5, Stoner 63, FARA 83, Milano 821, Bullfrog, Gallo SA12, ZRG 20mm, R1 ShadowhunterB-Tier: AUG, FFAR 1, Groza, QBZ-83, M16, MAC-10, DMR 14, RPD, Hauer 77, LW3 Tundra, Pelington 703, 1911, Ballistic Knife, CARV.2C-Tier: C58, Type 63, Magnum, M60, M82

  cod black ops cold war swiss k31cod black ops cold war swiss k31

  At first, it was the LW3 Tundra, then it was dethroned by the ZRG 20mm, now it’s the turn of the Swiss K31 to rule Sniper Rifles.

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  It possesses the usual damage and range that comes with a dominant Sniper Rifle, but with the added bonus that its ADS time is very short in comparison to other Sniper Rifles. Not only is it perfect for a quickscoping loadout in Cold War Season 4, but it’s effective for any sniping opportunity. Even though Sniper Rifles have been nerfed aggressively, the Swiss is phenomenal.

  Here’s a quick guide on how to unlock the Swiss K31.

  Black Ops Cold War Ak-74uBlack Ops Cold War Ak-74u

  Being staple in most Call of Duty games, you’re likely to see an AK-74u in every match of Black Ops Cold War, and for good reason.

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  The AK-74u is extremely easy to use, having minimal recoil and high mobility. And what really sets it apart from some of the other weapons in this list is its effectiveness at range. While having a slower fire rate than the LC10 or PPSH, you’ll be able to take on Assault Rifles at medium distance with the ’74u.

  cod cold war diamatticod cold war diamatti

  The Diamatti became a fan-favorite once Cold War weapons were integrated into Warzone during Season 1. The reality is that the Diamatti is as serviceable as a primary weapon comes – let alone a secondary weapon.

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  Its burst fire nature allows it to barrel its way through ammo and give you a big advantage if you’re accurate. Its only minor setback is that its range suffers in comparison to ARs and SMGs, but if you’re in a small-to-medium-sized map, then give the Diamatti a whirl.

  KSP 45 in black ops cold warKSP 45 in black ops cold war

  Practically reborn in Season 2 of Cold War, the KSP 45 went from being an afterthought to probably the most powerful burst weapon in the game.

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  Realizing that it wasn’t being used, Treyarch did the right thing and buffed all aspects of the KSP 45. With nerfs to the M16 and AUG, the quick, powerful barrages from the KSP 45 make it far more deadly than it once was. If you enjoy the feeling of successive bursts of bullets, then the KSP 45 might just be for you.

  cod cold war streetsweepercod cold war streetsweeper

  The weapon is an absolute, indisputable beast. For a weapon that smacks like a hammer, it has very little recoil to show for it. The unbelievable fire rate makes it comparable to any automatic weapon, and if you have a group of enemies in close proximity of you and each other, then they’ve already accepted their fate.

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  The complete downside to the Streetsweeper is that its reload time is nothing short of vile. Given the furious nature of a game of Call of Duty, you just don’t have time to reload it. If it wasn’t for this, it would be much higher up.

  cod cold war ppsh smgcod cold war ppsh smg

  Talk about making an impact, the PPSH-41 bulldozed its way into contention in Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War. It’s previously made an impact in Call of Duty games, and Cold War has proven to be no different now we’re in Season 4.

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  Its rate of fire is genuinely frightening and can chew through squads in a heartbeat. It’s backed up by massive firepower and even its accuracy is superb. It just misses out on being the premiere SMG in Cold War, but you still need to use it.

  The PPSH-41 is easy to unlock in Black Ops Cold War Season 4 too.

  black ops weapon cold war mg 82black ops weapon cold war mg 82

  Many players are deterred from LMGs due to their bulky nature, meaning that ADS speed is reduced, mobility is decreased, and reloading is abysmally painful.

  However, Season 4’s new MG 82 excels in its class, boasting a high fire rate, massive magazine size, and decent mobility. With its fast time to kill, you’ll simply tear through the competition.

  Here’s how to unlock the powerful MG 82 light machine gun.

  cod cold war ak-74cod cold war ak-74

  No one has ever questioned the AK-74’s overwhelming power as each bullet can rip a hole through space and time itself. For all its power, it can be a handful to control thanks to its haphazard recoil.

  Nevertheless, it still retains its aura of destruction and skilled players can effortlessly make it look like one of the best weapons in all of Black Ops Cold War. If that wasn’t enough, the AK-47 received yet another buff in the Cold War Season 4 patch notes.

  cod cold war lc10cod cold war lc10

  The LC10 has usurped many guns to become one of the most-used weapons in the game and continue the domination of SMGs in Black Ops Cold War.

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  Its piercing shots are matched by relatively high accuracy, and it’s a gun with few drawbacks. After being nerfed a bit, the gun fell out of contention for a while, but now it’s back and as destructive as ever.

  Here is how to unlock the LC10 in Black Ops Cold War Season 4.

  cod cold war krig 6cod cold war krig 6

  If you know your CoD: Black Ops Cold War, then you probably knew what was coming. That’s right, the Krig 6 takes the top spot because it’s a weapon without any flaws. It’s one of those rare firearms that feels absolutely unbeatable.

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  Once you’ve progressed the weapon’s level and reduced its vertical and horizontal recoil, then you have your own ridiculous laser. It’s insanely efficient, very strong, stupidly accurate, and is quite simply the best weapon in Black Ops Cold War Season 4.

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  Do you disagree with any of our selections? Be sure to let us know on our Charlie INTEL Facebook Page and Charlie INTEL Twitter Page!

  Image Credit: Treyarch

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