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[RE ZERO Studio]Barcelona is very simple / francesc rifé studio

  Francesc Rifé Studio

  Spain Interior Design Studio


  △ Francesc Rifé Studio, master, France, France, is a design studio from Spain.Francesc Rifé was founded in Barcelona in 1994.Effect of minimalism,Follow the familiar tradition related to the process,His work is loyal to the material, focusing on spatial order and geometric approach.Currently,He led a professional team from multiple design fields.His project,Domestic and international,From indoors to industrial design,building,Concept of creation,Device,Graphics and artistic guidance,Once the design awards such as contract world, red dot, ICFF editors are obtained.

  Barcelona is very simple

  Minimalism and poetry

  Barcelono minimalist

  Nature &



  El Pst Apartment × DM Apartment

  × Valencia dental clinic

  Apartment El Putxet × DM Apartment

  × SWISS Concept

  -01apartment el PUTXET El Pstt Apartment is light from simple,vice versa.”–Francesc rifé studioApartment In El Putxet,ApartmentBarcelona,The Spain This case is the latest works of Francesc Rifé Studio.Customers require this small and dull apartment to transform into a quiet place.42 square meters of space and very low indoor height,This detail and neutral design show a spacious feel.The entire apartment is based on white gray,Emphasize neutrality and light.White wall with floors, minimalist sofa, small clever round table,Expand the visual range of the living room.

  The same hue has a different middle style for the living room.Placed wrought iron plus wooden dwarf rack emphasizes Nordic atmosphere.Due to space limitations,The restaurant share a space with the living room.The table is simple,Table lamps extending from the wall allow house owners to do it here.Leather with wooden chairs, simple, simple,Bring different textures in this area.The kitchen and restaurant also share a space,There is almost no color tones outside the kitchen.It has minimal cold temperament.Corridor connecting living room with bedroom,The corridor is shorter,A stand-alone waiting room is not only a wall, but also a wall.Still a functional storage room.The extremely cold and cold sensation of the bedroom has a sculpture of a northern Europe.The white jade surface is clean in the fit of natural light.


  DM Apartment

  DM apartment design

  ”This item is Li,

  Light shadow is the main melody.”

  DM APARTMENT,Private residence


  This apartment is located in Barcelona, Spain,Participation in Francesc Rifé Studio.The apartment design is divided into two main spaces.The front is completely open.



  The living room is a slightly narrow area.A wall is completely decorated by such as such as elevated floor.The white gauze is lined with the atmosphere.Gray minimalist sofa positive pair of windows,A beautiful landscape that can be spyed outside the apartment.


  The apartment has a delicate kitchen.The light color of the log is full of advanced feelings.No main lighting makes the atmosphere and elegant.


  The bedroom is mainly toned in the original wood color,Simple clean.Light is the keyword of this work.The design of the window and the station reflects modern minimalist.After turning off the desktop is the treasure design of the makeup table brings fun.


  The combination of ink blue velvet sofa with wooden armrests is elegant,Portrait of a man with a piece of art in the wall.



  -03Swiss Concept Valencia dental clinic is mainly inspired by Oriental Aesthetics and Meditation,This clinic follows light and calm concepts.A in-depth approach achieved by a simple method.”–Francesc rifé studioSwiss Concept,Commercial Space

  Valencia, Spain

  This facial dental clinic is located in Valencia, Spain, Follow the concept of light and calm.A deep atmosphere is achieved by very simple way: light wood gives a calm feeling,At the same time, the emotions of catching light with a translucent glass.



  This tranquil clinic,Characteristics of gray wooden surface, translucent glass screen and brass,Gray white reception desk light is soft.


  Next to the reception desk is a white walkway,Both are the backlit frosted glass panel.The glowing glass plate hides the treatment room at the core of the clinic; minimalism lanterns also exudes warm rays throughout the room.




  There are two doors per treatment area,One in front of the room,The other is behind the room.This design promotes a ring route around the clinics.Create a continuous flow of doctors and patients.



  Wooden benches naturally,Nature and mystery of meditation space; small and minimalist racks of wrought iron design are very characteristic.



  Wooden frame windows are covered by translucent screens,The sun is very sufficient.The deep window is folded into a bench,For treatment room.



  The vulcanized brass strip is used to arrange the edge of the bookshelf and handmade elongate door handle,This is the design of the studio designed for this project.





  Poetry called people to stop Ultra / Adam Kane Architects


  Modern minimalist, quiet luxury / Mathieson Architects


  This simple private house is “less cold”

  Good lighting,Let your program value more than 100,000 Hangzhou Station ▽

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