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The first-ever Wild Week was announced during the 6th week of Fortnite Season 6. Now, when fans and gamers around the world are entering into the 11th week of Season 6, which also happens to be the final week, all the non-player characters that can be purchased from gold are heavily discounted. Read the article to know more about Fornite¨s Wild Week 4, gold bar discounts, exotic weapon?and chest locations.

“What deals can you look forward to? Through the end of the Season, all Exotics and many services are?50% OFF. The Exotic Marksman Six Shooter? 50% off. The Exotic Grappler Bow? 50% off. Bushranger¨s prop disguise service? 50% off. Don¨t undervalue this increase in purchasing power!” Fortnite mentioned in the official blog post dated June 3, 2021, on Epic Game’s website.?

Something strange is on the horizon and gold prices are reduced across the board. Your cache of Bars will be reset next season, spend them while you can!

The Bargain Bin Wild Week is live now.

More info: https://t.co/ERXZlwnnZn

! Fortnite (@FortniteGame) June 3, 2021

The items that have received a gold bar discount are Storm Circle Intel, Prop Disguises, Rift to Go, Shadow Tracker Pistol, Hop Rock Dualies, Chug Cannon, Grappler Bow, Marksman Six Shooter, and Unstable Bow. One thing to note here is that these discounts are valid until the end of Season 6 and the gold bar balance would reset to zero before Fortnite Season 7 begins. Other than that, Fortnite has also announced that in-game bar balances would reset at the start of next season.

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“It¨s time for the?Bargain Bin?clearance event! In this final?Wild Week?of Chapter 2 Season 6, Island vendors are offering?BIG BIG?savings. All Bar balances will be reset at the start of next season, so take advantage of these huge deals to deplete your Bar balance to?0!” says Fortnite in an official blog post.?Simply put, if a player saves the gold bars and thinks to use them in the upcoming Fortnite Season, that is not possible.?

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Chest locations can be hard to find in the game amidst all the action-packed adventure. However, when a player finds the chests, he or she is rewarded with legendary weapons. Below is a map, with chest locations marked, which are most likely to have a chest. A player might land on the locations for finding one of the exotic weapons, or to claim the rewards of a chest. Getting hands on an exotic weapon or chest locations might help in the game.?

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Fortnite's Wild Week 4


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