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[Hitman 3 Utorrent]True National Teacher Reborn2021 Realist Stage PlayFans: I only hope that the animation has a second season.

  As now, more and more anime IP is realized,Or the stage of stage,Film and animation looks like it is going to be bleed.Recent anime “Family Teacher Reborn” welcomed the third stage.

  ”Hitman Reborn” is the comic works served in[Weekly Jump]in 2004,2006 was animated,Then, the second creation of the same person’s women was taken.

  This anime mainly tells the protagonist called Ze Takui.I am not willing to become a mailing leader.On the side of the default, reborn makes him as a black hand leader,Then after the leader, future stations, etc.

  Before the end of the ringThere still appeared a small BOSS six way out of trouble.Also gave the protagonist to arrange the prepared staff of the ring war.


  In Japan,”7″ is a very special number,Also very beautiful,There is also a “7” application in many animations.Such as seven major crimes, seven dragons, etc.

  Every generation of Peng Gye in this comic is brought by BOSS six guards.A total of seven people are experiencing fantasy adventures,In addition to seven properties of the sky,There are seven properties of the earth,There is also a cursed rainbow seven subsidiary.

  ”True Hitman Reborn” This animation is popular with women because of the more beautiful characters.The story is also too easy to understand the brain.But often this type of animation,The process of fighting will not be burned.


  The boys are watching,Maybe I feel a bit boring.Nothing passion,It is completely different from the “Death” and “Nights”.

  But it can be “God as” in the heart of the girl.At the moment, when the animation was broadcast,Domestic popularity is very high,Seeing work related to tutories,Even if I only have a shot of Ze Taki,Brushing on the bar: The ring is engraved with our light.

  Although in domestic fire red,But the dispute in Japan’s local work is not so beautiful.A “work database” website in Japan,Comprehensive evaluation of family education is quite low,The 8890 comic works are placed in 8868.


  This controversial is that traditional readers think that JUMP is getting worse because the magazine is to women readers in order to make money.Especially the result of the same person,There is no inner taste of juvenile comics.

  The family teacher stage drama is actually not the first time.This time is the third time.I have invited the original Gluten, Reborn, Shan Mun Wu and the prison tems.


  According to the information, you can learn,Four people will make live dubbing for the stage play for the scene.There is no such treatment in the past two stage dramas in the past.


  The “Family Teacher” was held to hold the temper for this animation.Watch other animation,This is grand,Other hot animations have not appeared such treatment,We can see a lot of songs at the sound excellent concert.

  Actor publicity poster before the stage drama,The actor in the preservative temple is a bit strange,The other people are still going.


  The real version of the “family teacher”, many fans don’t think so,Compared to the real theater version,Fans are more likely to animict the second quarter as soon as possible.

  There are also many fans on the official push: I hope to arrange the second quarter.

  But the second quarter of the animation in 2013,The company produced “family teacher” company is 200 million yen,According to the exchange rate at the time, it is 17808778RMB,Declare bankruptcy.

  There are currently no animation production companies to make “family teachers” plan,Therefore, there is no in the second quarter.I really don’t say it.In the future, I don’t want to reproduce the “family teacher”.There is a second season.Just like the “Tongling King”.


  ”Tongling King” has said that it will not be animated again ago.The result is now a second animation decision,Although the protagonist is no longer Sato,However, most of the sounds have not changed.

  If you have a “family teacher” in the second quarter of “Family Teacher”,The plot didn’t know that it was once again played with the “Full Alchemist FA”.Then then go down,Start Simon,The possibility of the future is unlimited.

  So what do you think about this,Welcome to the comment area below,thanks for watching.

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