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[Gods Will Fall Xbox]Dark Fantasy Action Game Gods Will Fall is published for major platforms

  Publisher 505 Games and developers Clever Beans announced thatThe Dark Fantasy Action Game “Gods Will Fall” will be available on January 29, 2021 PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Stadia platform.


  game introduction:

  You are the last hope of human beings.The gods of the gods lasted for thousands of years.They will ask humans to endure cruelty and pain.Require each man, woman and children have oath of their loyalty,And serve them with blind worship.For those who don’t accept the will of God,Waiting for them is slow and ruthless death.

  Experieving the brutal test,A group of adventurous soldiers will cut off God’s cold control in their desperate troubles.People will arrested themselves,Refighted the cruel rule of the gods,The organization formed by eight Celtic survivors,The leaders of the formation of the beasts formed to fight against the gods.

  Every decision is made,There is a fresh story behind it.success,Legend will be born.failure,Life is a dust.

  ”GODS WILL FALL” headed trailer

  Video screenshot








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