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[MUT 21 Barry Sanders]9 quantum calculation superiority is questioned by Northern University,Pan Jianwei Lu Yanyang responded!Netizen: Interlaced


  The understanding of the professional concept of quantum calculations and the glass samples is deviated.Or the reason why “Nine Chapters” is questioned.

  ”Author | Fu Jing December 4, 2020,my country has successfully reached the quantum calculation to study the first mileston quantum computational advantage newsbrush screen.On the same dayChina University of Science and Technology announced thatThe research team leading to Pan Jianwei and Lu Chaoyang constructs 76 quantum computing prototypes “9” in 100 patterns of photons.The relevant research results were published in the International Journal of Academic Journals.QUANTUM COMPUTATIONAL Advantage Using Photons (superiority of quantum calculation with photons).


  At that time, this news was reported by major media at home and abroad.Curve netizens hot discussion.but,The professor of Peking University, I have said that I have issued the “nine chapters” twice.For this two “nine chapters” author Pan Jianwei, Lu Chaoyang made a reply.Currently,”How to see the academician of Peking University, etc.,” Nine Chapters “: Not a quantum computer, did not achieve” quantum hegemony “?How should I correct correctly?”This topic has been boarded on the hot list,The number of views exceeds 11,300.



  China’s quantum calculation prototype “9 chapters”

  ”9″ is the quantum calculation prototype of 76 photons.The research team composed of Pan Jianwei, Lu Chaoyang, and the China Science and Technology University, and the National Parallel Computer Engineering Technology Research Center cooperated.China University of Science and Technology official said:

  According to the existing theory,This quantum computing system handles the speed of Gaussian Ball Samples than the current fastest supercomputer.The supercomputer takes 100 million years).Equivalently,Its speed than the 53 superconducting bits of 2019, the “Sundell,” “” Sblemine “is 100 billion times.


  ”9″ optical path system schematic (Ziyuan China University of Science and Technology official website)

  About Gaussian chrome sampling,”Intellectual” has been explained: it is a complex sampling calculation.Its calculation is difficult to grow.It is easy to exceed the calculation of the current supercomputer,Suitable for quantum computers to explore solutions.It is a kind of “Blass Sampling”,Blass sampling is the first algorithm for the first field of quantum information in mathematics that can be used to present quantum calculation acceleration.That is to say,Sampling through GaussianThe superiority of the quantum calculation of “Nine Chapters” has been proved.In addition,Its quantum calculation is not dependent on the number of samples.Overcoming Google “Submerged Wood” 53-bit random line sampling experiments in quantum superiority depends on the vulnerability of the sample quantity.”9 chapter” output quantum space size has reached 10 people (“suspended wooden” output quantum space size is 10 people,The current storage capacity of the world is 22 times.

  This result shows that my country’s quantum computer has a global leader.Also received many recognitions,For example: science reviewer evaluation: This is the most advanced experiment, a major achievement.Director of the German Max Plank Quantian Optics Institute, Wolflin, Walland, the Franklin Medal, Ignacio Cirac said: This is a major breakthrough in the field of quantum technology,A stronger step towards the research compared to the quantum equipment with quantum advantages.Associate Professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, President of American Young Scientists, Slin Awards Dirk English ENGLUND: This is an epoch-making result.Barry Sanders, Professor, University of Calgary, Canada, said: This is an outstanding job.Changed the current pattern.


  Peking University professor issued twice

  but,Just like many scientific research results,”Nine Chapters” is also questioned.Public information shows thatProfessor, a question, a question, a professor,Department of Space Physics, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of the Third World Academy of Sciences,It is also a professor of Peking University Earth and Space Sciences.Professor Tu Chuan, graduated from the Geophysical Department of Peking University in 1964,The main research sectors include space physics, solar turbulence, solar wind dynamics and bustic layer physics.


  However, Professor of Tuyi believes thatAs can be seen from the title of the paper “Quantum calculation with photons”,The authors believe that the experiment that the photons do it is quantum calculation.This may lead to the appearance of the controversy: the process of simulating “Gaussian Ball Sampling” is a physical experiment or quantum calculation?Is the experimental device not a quantum computer?What is the meaning of the speed of the experiment to obtain the speed of the supercomer to simulate the speed of this task?Therefore, Professor Tu Zhizhi is:

  The study confuses the concept of “experiment” and “calculations”.The optical experiments made are independent of quantum computing.”9 chapter” machine is not a quantum computer,The superiority of quantum calculations cannot be displayed directly.

  He also clarified in the article: Discussing these issues do not involve academics,But this is the hot problem of social concern,Discuss this problem,It is important to clarify the concept of related nouns and languages.It is important to accurately describe the current science and technology status.It is important to understand the public.Subsequent March 11, 2021,Announcement of “Nine-Bill – Light Quantum Computer”.In this article,Professor Tu Zhizhi mentioned:

  Although the research team is “special quantum simulator” or “quantum hardware processor” after the online live lecture declaresBut the paper is still caused by serious misleading in the public.

  The logic of teaching the professor’s professor has two layers: the paper has been strictly reviewed before the publication.And its reviewers are just 7 years ago, the author Scott Aaronson, the author of the “Bin Color Sampling” Experimental Project Article.Therefore, people will naturally understand the “light quantum computer” as a universal quantum computer.It is determined that China’s “quantum computer” shows the superiority of quantum calculations.Scott Aaronson 7 years ago, the article clearly pointed out thatBin-colored sampling experiments have no common quantum computers.And the purpose of the glass sampling is not mathematical calculation.therefore,The results of the study did not meet the consent of the context.in the article,Professor of Tuyi defines the relevant concepts, discussing the confusion and misleading of the concept,And noted:

  From any point of view,Bin-colored sampling experiments are not a calculation process.Nor an simulation process,There is no association with quantum calculations; the 9th machine is the experimental equipment of the glass sample.There is no association with the general quantum computer.

  It is worth mentioning that,He also said:


  For the above question,Professor Pan Jianwei, the “Jiu Chapter” research team, and Professor Lu Chaoyang work together (see :).


  They will summarize the views of Professor of Tuyi: First,”9″ is not a quantum computer,No quantum calculation is superior; second,Press Releases of “Nine Chapters” and China Board make people mistakenly believe that universal quantum computers.Here,Pan Jianwei, Professor Lu Chaoyang also gives two answers: according to the international definition and consensus in the field of quantum information.”9″ is a light quantum computer.According to strict computing complexity, experimental data argumentation, international review, and extensive evaluation,”9″ under the best theoretical framework,It is clear that the quantum calculation is superior.Papers and China University of Science and Technology are clearly shown that”9 chapter” realizes the first milestone of quantum calculations “quantum calculation superiority”,Readers will not misunderstand the “9th chapter” as a general quantum computer.Two professors believe thatThe research results were questioned.It may be because “Mr. Coat Mr. and some scientific enthusiasts have deviations in the understanding of the professional concepts of quantum computing and glass sampling.”

  Mr. Tu said “Quantum Computer This statement is not available” obviously does not match the facts.The use of “Nine” light quantum computers is fully compliant with the definitions of specifications and standards of the international academic world.

  Today in modern science is highly refined,Even scholars in the same large field cannot learn more about the details and physical significance of a sub-direction.therefore,The general rules of modern science are academic evaluation by professional small peers.And according to international professional reviews and extensive peer evaluation,”Nine Chapters” is clearly incorrectly demonstrated in the current theoretical framework. Quantum calculation superiority.(Lei Feng Network Note: Professor Tu Yan is the main reason,Secondary disciplines under geophysics,Earth physics is an application physics based on the object; Professor Pan Jianwei’s team is the quantum physics,This is a physics branch studying the law of micro particle motion of the material world.) Taking into account public opinion, innovative atmosphere,Some scholars may have a very traditional and conservative attitude towards the new name of technological innovation.To avoid excessive interpretation of the outside world,The China University of Science and Technology Group strives to adopt a more neutral expression in many ways.Online broadcast,The members of the topic borrowed more refined calls,These statements do not weaken the significant scientific significance of their work itself.It should not be broken.It is noteworthy that,This article and thereafter, there are many stakes in many positions.such as:

  Mr. Coat and some scientific enthusiasts Tucao “Nine chapters 1 + 1 = 2 is not,”In fact, by adjusting hardware settings,”9 chapters” is easy to calculate 1 + 1 = 2,But this is tantamount to killing chicken with a cow knife.In fact,Mr. Coat and a few netizens point out the level of the 15 years ago.

  In order to understand more,We give an example of close life.The study like quantum computers is to solve the problem of difficulty solving traditional computers.The production of cars, airplanes and rockets is also a boundary line that is difficult to enlarge in the previous traditional transportation.but,People will not pursue “big and full” and ask the plane to manually walk the stairs,and many more.

  I think,What is the name is not important,What is important is to do.Set with a famous saying: “The ability to solve the problem is the only standard for evaluating quantum calculations.”The spaceship must be a boat in the water?Is the machine “people” must be defined in accordance with the original “people” standards?Atomic “bomb” is not to follow the rules of the regular bullets?Does the molecule “motor” must grow in accordance with the inherent impression of the regular public to the motor?

  The author once again thanked Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Coated and the highly evaluation of our experiment.Because we have very admired him serious attitude,In the spirit of seeking true,We also earnestly pointed out that he did not fully understand the quantum calculation knowledge involved in the experiment.

  The article is finallyTwo professors said:

  Quantum Information Science is even considered to be pseudo-science since the beginning of this century.It is currently a major strategy that is currently almost all developed countries.This area is also constantly growing and accepted in questioning.In this process,my country has gradually achieved recognized international status in the field of quantum communications and in the field of quantum computing.We will continue full of great gratitude, patience and confidence,Strive to get better results to feed back society.

  Again,Doing walking cannot guide the inner line.

  In response, there is a deviation,In fact, you don’t understand,Value is like a mountain.

  The truth is passionate and documented.Perhaps this debate can also bring different values.


  The last question: In this regard,What do you think?Quote Source:

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