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[Walter Payton Madden 21]EA’s Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment system patent has been approved

  five years ago,EA applies for the first patent for the dynamic difficulty adjustment (DDA) system.Thereafter,Game publishers update multiple times and re-apply for patents.The latest patent registration on October 6, 2020,Published on March 25, 2021.EA’s new DDA system uses artificial intelligence through the cloud.Adjust the game difficulty according to the player’s interaction,To increase the duration of the game link.


  As described in this patent,DDA system “can perform automatic particle size difficulty adjustment”,In some cases, it should be “user unknown”.Use the “historical user activity data about one or more video games”,The system generates “Game Reserved Predictive Model” to calculate the expected duration of the game session.

  By combining historical user activity data with the game storage prediction model,The system will adjust the player’s game difficulty.

  Not long ago,EA has also applied for another patent.Around the download and installation time,Let the players enter the game faster.

  in other words,If a particular BOSS is trying to make a little headache after trying a few times,The system may make it easier,This way you can make progress in the story.By reducing the challenge of BOSS,This setting is to hope that you can continue to play games.Instead of abandoning the game.

  ”Software developers usually hope that their software can attract users as long as possible.”The patent writes.”.usually,Too difficult or too easy to make users’ funity.therefore,Users are likely to reduce the number of playing games.”

  EA has just got this patent,But it has already used similar technologies in the game such as “Madden”.Other developers have also used this type of system in the game.For example, San Shang Di is in “God’s Hand” and “Resident Evil 4”.

  If the adaptive difficulty system is used in a single game such as “Dragon” or “Quality Effect”,As long as the user can close it,It should be no problem.But if you have a multiplayer game environment,Apply its games such as “FIFA” and “Madden”.Soon will become tricky,For this purpose, EA even defendant on the court.Obviously,In the PVP game,The results of the game should not be affected by the AI and computer control systems.

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