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[Scott Pilgrim Anna Kendrick]30 years ago, 600,000,All Chinese children have seen it,Now I have a new game.

  Introduction: pixel painting wind,The 1970s is a beautiful,In the 1990s animation and classic FC games,This wave,This wave is in the fifth layer of Renaissance.


  ”Ninja Turtle” has to launch a new game.

  over the years,In all types of players’ top ten games of “Ninja Turtles”,I rarely see the shadow of the 21st century,Even occasional selection,It is also necessary to be born in the 21st century,The technology stays in the GBA platform for last century.In other words,The “Ninja Turtle” game is best suited to live in the pixel era.


  New work announced this time,Fully restore the “Ninja Turtle” in the “Ninja Turtle” in the memory of 80

  Birth in 1984 “Ninja Turtle Turtle”,It is a memorant memory that is unforgettable in my country after 80 TV children.The broadcast of the animation,Just as the popularity promotion of the FC host in China overlap,Following the “Tria Luo”,The god turtles are countless in Konami,Even if you have just entered our dining market,I did an expensive strong promotion.Let us pass this article.From the beginning of the “Ninja Turtle”,Go to the golden years introduced cartoon and pixel games,Side, pick memory,I know new,Prepare for the upcoming reunion.


  A New York Renaissance

  In the 1970s, it was a arrogance period of the American comic market.Ten years,The number of rapid increased comic franchise stores provide a great sales platform for individual publication, independent comics.Anyone who picks up a brush can join the creator’s team.Two of these comic lovers – Kevin Istrima and Pitt Lace,It is affected by the style of free and unrestrained style during this period.In 1982,They did not take the draft to choose to go to the Mourning or DC to touch the luck.Instead, I found my own comic company – “Phantom Studio”.


  Kevin Eastman and Pitt Leide

  This “studio” is not like everyone’s imagination is a dedicated office site of a writing building.It is just the kitchen of the Istrima family – “Phantom” is said to “do not exist”.A little night in November 1983,The two are in the studio, there is no letter doodle,When Eastman puts the nunchaku of Li Xiaolong,The Sape’s eye mask is placed on a parallel-standing turtle.The first ninja Turtle This image was born.

  Ryder appreciates this idea,Two people in the evening have expanded the number of turtles to four,And in front of the name original “Ninja Turtle” (Ninja Turtle),Plus “Teenage Mutant” (variant teenage),On the one hand, it seems more (pseudo) scientific basis,On the other hand, the “X Police” in the 1970s, and the popularity of the “X”Mutant is just a boom of “variants”.


  Unlike everyone’s familiar animation version,The initial “Ninja Turtle” is a black movie style.The style is like “Batman” and “Night Magic”

  In the processing image,During the process of writing a story,The two first put it in the Japanese warrior and science fiction movie elements.Let four because of variation with human wisdom and super physical turtle,Worship is also genetically variation,And the mouse Sprint door, which is proficient in the sterberry; Next,The main black movie and the cold, dark style of the underground comics,Affected by Master Frank Miller (representative “Batman Dark Knight” “Night Magic Man Reborn”) and the two people’s live environment,The story background selection street culture prevale,And the security of the confusion is chaotic; finally,Because there is a clear ninja element,Eastman initially gave the four god turtles Japanese name,But Lord believes that this will cause cultural separation of comic readers.In accordance with the hand of the painting textbook, the name of several artists in the book is selected.即米 开 基罗, Leonardo, Rafael and Dona Toyo.


  Comic cover (Graphone comes from the network)

  Since the 1984 “Ninja Turtle Turtle” comics is open to the exhibition,By 1988, due to the popularity of comics,The same name animation drama boarded the TV screen,”Ninja Turtle” is quickly blushing in the United States.At that time, the “Transformers” “Special Forces” is a bit like “the” air supply net red “in the current context.Not only the animation ratings continue to be sluggish,The theme toys have fallen into unbales (this set of cartoons selling toys classic operations,Later, as the reform and opening up was moved to my country),Therefore, the industry is not optimistic about the business prospects of “Ninja Turtle”.

  However, the actual situation is thatInitially, children who have grown up “Transformers” are entering adolescents.The street culture of the “Ninja Turtle”,Always as a variant turtle,Beautiful TV station female reporter,And the mysterious Oriental, etc., good, fun, curious content together,How to get a “cool” word.In 1988,”Ninja Turtle” toy sales reached 23 million US dollars (the seventh place in the United States),A year after the animation continues to broadcast,This value has risen to 1.$ 100 million (conversion according to the exchange rate is about 400 million).

  As an animated film, a US Co., Ltd.,At this point, you will start the plan of the sea of the god turtles.And the 3rd Shanghai International TV Festival in 1990,It is their next stop.


  Four Wang Ba dare to come to Guangzhou,Don’t you walk your food?

  November 1990,The 3rd Shanghai International TV Festival was held as scheduled.TV stations who come to exhibiting are hoped to have this opportunity.Introduce our country’s excellent cultural products to the majority of Chinese audiences.For staff who are responsible for content in the Taiwan places in my country,Exhibition is equivalent to “in stock”,Not only choose the show,Choose a program,More chooses to comply with the trend of the times,At the same time, the people like to see the programs.


  Mr. Bai Jiaon, deputy director of the Guangzhou TV Court Editorial, in a glance, “Ninja Turtle Turtle” (according to the order of order,At that time, there was obviously not this model) this cartoon.Perhaps the first impression is too profound.In the next few days, Bai Jia is in the professional attitude.Although I also observe the animation of other filmmakers.But in the end, it is a price of $ 2,000.A total of 120,000 US dollars (about 600,000 yuan),I have purchased a total of 60 episodes of “Ninja Turtle” for Guangzhou TV Station.


  80 post-TV children’s aesthetic memories

  The “Ninja Turtle” has become an introduction of the Guangzhou TV Program Communication Center.And comprehensively and responsible for the first foreign animation series of foreign animation and issuance.”Ninja Turtle” name,It is like a lot of things from the United States, just like this era.The crown is a perfect translation of “Xinda Ya” (other classic examples)KFC,Kodak,Transformers, etc.)”Ninja” “God” “Turtle”,Every kind of separately,my country’s boy children will not be strange,It is even more eye-catching.


  As the green leaves around the god turtle,The discipline in the drama also left a deep impression on the little audience at the time.

  In contrast,The foreign name of the four Turtle Renaissance Fanner is not so light,Among them, Rafael and Michelangelo have used the Chinese world to translate the two horses.The program group considers that Leonner’s popularity is low.I will pull “Da Vinci” directly to “顶 替”.As soon as it is now, many people are estimated to be unfamiliar,It is also the name of “Einstein”,”Da Vinci” is still in the era of the Italian Renaissance.Einstein is probably only the portrait of this scientist in primary and secondary schools.The children have certain awareness to explain (with Einstein’s portrait,There is Lu Xun, Beethoven and Marx.


  Dublinning,The program group borrowed a professional military equipment in the Guangzhou Military Region Intelligence Room,Not only the quality is multiplied,The full-time quotient of the intelligence room is also involved as a site staff.Hardware has sufficient guarantee,Several main dubbing actors Li Bangyu, Li Wei, Yang Limin, Feng Qian, etc. from the Cantonese drama and the Guangzhou Military Regional drama team to dedicate the performance of the wonderful evidence.For example, Li Wei is at the same time as a god turtle Raphael.Dufutai Langge and Ugly Corner DubsIn various people, the characteristics of sound lines are varied,Expert skills,The success of characters,Compared to the Chinese dubbing in the blizzard game,It is also too much.


  Guangzhou TV station completed the first broadcast of “Ninja Turtle” in December 90,A broadcasted belt completed in Shanghai, Beijing and other places,Make the “Ninja Turtle” quickly popular in my country.Soon after,With the game boom, a round of game booms in Ren Nintendo FC host.”Ninja Turtle” has become the earliest IP adaptation game in my country’s players.And the work of the peak,It is from a manufacturer who is now batch of odor-kneecons now – Konami.


  My name is Konami,No fxxk in front of the name

  The beginning of the article refers to the inventory of the “Ninja Turtle” related games,Early pixel style works,Compared to later 3D and HD,I have to come high.Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why old players and “Ninja Turtles” lovers see the latest “Ninja Turtle Turtle: Slying Revenge” of the Retro Theme “Tribute Games”.It will have such a strong sense of excitement.


  ”Slide’s revenge” imitates that the last time the last year of the 1990s, in the late 1990s,A series of “Ninja Turtles” games launched by Konami,Among them, it is most representative.It is “TMNT: THE Arcade Game” in 1989 and “TMNTLES in Time” in 1991.Both games use 2D pixel style action level,Supports up to four players to operate the Turtles in the same screen,The game also played the hardware limit of the year.The bustling New York street and as a sewer in the home of the god turtle,Sprophy into the number of vans.And the Chinese players are most familiar after 80.It is still a “Ninja Turtle” on the FC host.


  Under the technical conditions at the time,Konami’s developers use limited functions,Let the game have an animated performance,I have also made a semi-open world of Turtle chariots, switching the card game, and the potential content such as underwater level.”Ninja Turtle” theme of fighting games,The players who were previously predicated at the prehistoric era at the time.The fault is a horizontal version of the cross.I bought it home and I found it “right”,However, how can a small partner of the relationship together?So everyone became the opponent who greet with a sword stick.Konami This hand is used by copyright resources.By the way, the “Ninja Turtle Turtle” and the “Real Turtle Turtle” have buried a volk.


  Compared to the glory of the 2D horizontal version3D and HD are simply “Ninja Turtle Turtle” almost sleeping for a long dream.PS2 era Those spicy chicken 3D version of the gang game,Not only spicy eyes,And hurt your feelings,Cartoon rendering does not bring more fresh expressiveness,Instead, the game is more homogeneous.After upgrading to PS3 / X360,Even if the Platinum Studio personally ends “set skin”,Game quality is still unable to save.


  ”Slide’s revenge”,We see that the martial arts of the god turtle looks like still remaining and the fierce.But fought refreshingly,The lively scene and the high reduction of the city well in the city, the city of the city,All players are full of newness of this retro trend.There is such a picture detail in the trailer.It is the god turtle first to play the enemy to the front of the player.Then the enemy will hit the screen to form a “crush” picture effect.This kind of hint of breaking the secondary wall,It is a tribute to the original “TMNT: Arcade” version.


  Conclusion: The two major producers participating in “The Revenge of Slede” are Jonathan Lavigne and Justin Cyr, respectively.The works of their most known for their most players are “Schkot Skot” (“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game “,And a “Ninja Turtle” game of a GBA platform.The two belong to developers with typical “use love power generation”.A series of related cultures that are proficient in the “Ninja Turtle”,Plus publisher Dotemu in “Iron Box 4”, “Magic Kid: Dragon Trap” and other matters,We have reason to believe that “Ninja Turtle: Slying Revenge” will be a masterpiece of “Renaissance”.


  References: “Fairy Tale Trainee China Rational Cartoon (1988-1992)” Guanzhong Afu China Communication University Press

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