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90s pc shooter games


Cole Travis

in General | Jun, 11th 2021

The season of E3 started early as Geoff Keighley began his Summer Games Fest, now co-existing as a companion show to the online event. There is plenty of gaming news outside of the AAA offerings from E3, but one of the most interesting is a classic 90¨s series that¨s getting a revival.

SNK¨s Metal Slug series is returning to PC, but it¨s not coming back in the way one might think. Metal Slug Tactics is, in fact, a grid-based strategy game in the same sense as titles like X-Com and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Players will take control of the Metal Slug characters Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma, as they fight their way through the waves of baddies and other enemies in the game.

The trailer posted on the game¨s Steam page, as well as the Summer Games Fest Twitter, shows all sorts of mechanics that are not only new to Metal Slug but new to the tactical RPG genre. One such mechanic is Sync, which allows players to push out simultaneous attacks against the enemy, dealing more damage to one target before their turn. However, if the characters are pinned down, they have the option to call in reinforcements, be it air support, like the Metal Slug itself, or something more. The game also retains the same level of difficulty as its 2D shooter counterpart, meaning players who want to jump into Metal Slug Tactics should expect to die a lot. As for what the game is about, Donald Morden, the series antagonist, has been in hiding for years, slowly amassing a personal army to take over the world and get revenge for the death of his family. It¨s up to the Peregrine Falcons to take the fight to Morden and prevent the damage he¨s starting to cause with his recent global conquest.

Metal Slug Tactics is being made by Dotemu in collaboration with SNK, the same developers behind Streets of Rage 4 and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder¨s Revenge. This is a perfect choice for Metal Slug, as Dotemu has wasted no time delivering a fresh and unique spin on the series fans are in love with, right down to the iconic pixel art style. Fans should be on the lookout for more news, as Metal Slug Tactics is coming soon.

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