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[streamer loot]Asmongold shows how intense WoW loot can get in epic fight with party member

  Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold got into a heated fight over loot while playing World of Warcraft’s Burning Crusade Classic. The OTK streamer and his party member launched into an epic argument that shows just how intense rewards in the MMORPG can get.

  Back in August 2019, Blizzard’s re-release of WoW classic took the gaming industry by storm. Within days, the MMORPG was the most-watched category on sites like Twitch and YouTube. After years of anticipation, the title’s beloved expansion, Burning Crusade Classic, made its debut on June 1.

  While playing the new release live on stream, Asmongold found himself suddenly in the middle of an epic argument after a rare loot item surprisingly dropped for his group. The content creator had to launch into an intense fight to defend his right to secure the reward from a party member – and it’s pretty wild.


  Twitch OTK streamer Asmongold playing WoW Burning Crusade Classic

  Twitch OTK streamer Asmongold playing WoW Burning Crusade Classic

  Twitch: Asmongold / Blizzard Entertainment The Twitch streamer got into an epic fight over WoW loot while playing the Burning Crusade Classic expansion.

  The streamer was grinding in the Burning Crusade Classic expansion when the rare Plans: Felsteel Gloves loot item dropped for his party. Upon seeing the reward Asmongold told his group, “Oh oh I need. I need! I need this!” However, a party member of his immediately pushed back and said “No no no no no you don’t even…”

  The OTK content creator then raised his voice to explain why he should get the loot. “I HAD THIS. NO, it’s a 1.8% drop rate ONLY from the monks. I farmed this in vanilla Burning Crusade. Listen to me. This is the best way to level up blacksmithing, the most efficient.” Shouting over him his teammate exclaimed, “No you listen to me, motherf**ker! I need Felsteel gloves so I can level up on blacksmithing! You are giving this to me ,you dumb f**king c**t!”


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  Not willing to give up, Asmon made one last plea: “Man, I already farmed this in vanilla WoW. Did you farm this in vanilla WoW? Please don’t. I swear to f**king god if I lose this goddamn piece of s**t!”

  Both players clicked the option to roll the dice, and the game randomly gave the loot to the OTK streamer. “YES! F**k you, dude! YES! DUDE! God damn,” the Twitch star yelled in celebration.


  In WoW Classic, groups can either opt-out and give the loot to one party member requesting it or have it randomly selected among everyone. Luckily, Asmongold came out on top and was rewarded the Plans: Felsteel Gloves item.


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  Taking one last shot at his argumentative groupmate, the content creator cracked a big smile and said, “Hey man, if you need anything crafted just let me know as I’ll be able to use this to level up my s**t” – oof, that’s rough.

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